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Pocket Songbooks For All Occasions !


American & International Folk songs ~ Contemporary Songs ~ Humorous Songs

Work Songs ~ Carols ~ Rounds ~ Spirituals ~ Hymns ~ Canons

World Around Songs is pleased to offer a wide assortment of pocket songbooks for your singing pleasure.  These handy 3-3/4"  by 6-3/4" books are filled with American and International Folk Songs including rounds, carols, lullabies, ditties, hymns, spirituals,  folk songs, work  songs, fun songs, silly songs, and more.  

All of our books include words and  music, some have chord symbols; foreign language songs are printed with their original words and English translations. The vast majority  of  these are authentic folk songs drawn from oral traditions all around the world. 

We like to think of these songbooks as a small celebration of human diversity, and we are proud to carry on a tradition which began over eighty years ago as the songbook publisher, Cooperative Recreation Service in Delaware, Ohio. Please go to "Our History" for the complete story of how World Around Songs came into being.


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